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Random thought.

There’s something I see in most of my friends, Its that they think too much. Either thinking of the worst possible scenario that could suck them into a futile sense of existence, or also dwelling too much on fantasies that wouldn’t probably come into existence; these two examples are polar extremes, there are people who think in between these two poles. So be it, people think too much, what’s the problem? The problem that at this point of human existence, at the point where we’ve just transitioned from our teenage years into adulthood, we think too much but feel to little.

I remember when I was a kid, I never relied that much on the capabilities of my thoughts. I didn’t manipulate people with my speeches, I didn’t think about something to the point of anxiety, I laughed a lot, I jumped and I ran, iwas happier. Yes I was fat, yes I wasn’t a turn-on for the ladies, but I was happy.

I guess why I was in such a happy state was because I didn’t think of things that much because of the fact that I was still a child, I haven’t had much to think about anyway. But what do kids do? They run around, they laugh out loud, they roll around here and there, they climb trees, they jump in puddles, they play around in the rain. Why did they do that? Because they felt that they should, because when they do those things they’d feel happy. I guess kids have their own simple way of calculating what results would come out of their actions. For example: playing with toys could lead to having fun, but eating vegetables are just yuck. Playing cops and robbers is exciting, reading Das Kapital isn’t as much.

We could see that kids do things that would please their senses, do things that would lead to good feelings. They avoid feeling bad. To me, this is something very primitive. I would bet you a cup of coffee that our ancestors lived like this too. Yes they were primitive and uncivilized, but they survived for ages, and because of that we exist today. Of course, they’re not all fun and games, they also wrestle saber-tooth tigers now and then. But there are elements of how they lived that I see in children. I guess since being a child is one of the earliest stages of our development as humans, we still somehow act like early humans too. But is living life, basing our actions on how we feel rather than rational judgement, in short living more like a kid, better than living like an adult? There’s no way I could think of a justification to say “yes” to that question.

But I feel living a life that’s aimed at sustaining our own existence, catering to our own well being, is a good life. We think too much nowadays, look at what it turned us into now. I don’t know if I’m right or not, and it doesn’t matter at all; but I do strive for peace and happiness.

Some forever, not for better Some have gone, and some remain